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binkeepinky's Journal

Ok, you know what? I love Jack the Shoegazer's Iconomicon so much, most of my icons are from there. Hehe.

Pride and Prejudice mood theme by crackified
8tracks.com, arthur c. clarke, astronauts, being mean to falsificationists, bob dylan, books, cameras, camp, chet baker, cities, clashing patterns, claude channes, clothes, cosmonauts, david tennant, doctor who, doctor who fanfiction, drawing, eating, emma fanfiction, fanmixes, funk, green tea-flavoured ice cream, gunther sander, history, houses, hurt/comfort + fluff, james baldwin, jazz, jellied salads, la chinoise, la decadanse, lists, meringue, mr knightley, museums, nebulae, ot3: doctor/jack/rose, philosophy, philosophy of time, pretending to be interesting, pretty boys, public transport, pushing daisies, rain, ravel, reading, ruby tuesday, rufus wainwright, salted liquorice, science fiction, skinny boys, spying on neighbours, the 20th century, the history of clothes, the internet, the man from when, time warp stories, walking, working in a museum, yukio mishima